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We are V-ONE

V-ONE (Aviation Training Organization) specializes in providing top-quality pilot training for multiple aircraft including B757, B767, and B737 models. Our mission is to continuously strive for excellence in the aviation industry and to make flying safer for everyone. Our services are mainly tailored to meet the needs of airlines, and we pride ourselves on delivering customized training programs that meet their specifications. As an established industry leader, we are honored to have partnered with top-rated airlines such as DHL Bahrain, DHL Austria, Icelandair, and many others.

Our Services

Friðbjörn Oddsson



More than twenty years experience in aviation. Started as a loader and a flight instructor. Joined Icelandair in 2004 as FO & later a Captain. Friðbjörn has participated in various parts of the flight operation at Icelandair, such as member of the fuel efficiency team, Chief Ground Instructor, TRI/TRE and Head of Training at Icelandair ATO.


Össur Brynjólfsson



Össur has more than 25 years of experience in flight training and management in aviation. 

Flt. Ops. Manager and CFI/CGI for the Icelandic Flight Academy 2000-2007, Flt. Ops. Manager for Landsflug 2003-2004, PH Crew training and HT for Icelandair 2007-2021. Össur has extensive experience in the writing of operations- and training manuals within the EASA and IATA/IOSA framework.

hergill passamynd 2020.jpg

Hergill Sigurðsson



With two decades in aviation Hergill started his career at Crossair in Switzerland. Later flying for Swiss International Airlines, Emirates and Icelandair.


Hörður Már Þorvaldsson



Hörður has been working as a pilot, instructor and consultant in the aviation sector for over 23 years. Head of training (Myflug), LTI/TRI/TRE and various tasks for flight operations (Icelandair). Flying scheduled, charter and cargo flights globally.


Kristinn Páll Guðmundsson



Over two decades serving aviation industry. Cabin crew member along with flight instruction led to flying domestic flights in Iceland for Air Iceland on Fairchild Metro SA227. Later became FO & Captain for Icelandair and Equitoral Congo Airlines. Now a proud team member at V-One


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