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We Improve Aviation

We offer our clients top quality and flexible training tailored to their needs.

Our Services

Our Services


  • AIR OPS 

  • ATO

  • EBT Evidence Based Training


  • Assistance start operation

  • Assistance transition to EASA environment

  • Dispatch

  • CPO, Crewing, FOE, OCC

Flight Crew

  • Initial training

  • Recurrency

  • Simulator training (LPC, OPC, ATPL)

  • Ground training

  • Line training


Cabin Crew

  • Initial training

  • Recurrency

  • Differences training

Aviation Recruitment

  • Flight crew - TRE/TRI/ Capt, FO.

  • Cabin crew

  • Flight engineers

Aviation Consultancy

We provide consultancy services to airlines


Contact us

Team V-One has worldwide experience as operational aircrew and extensive experience as trainers and examiners. We are happy to assist you and are looking forward to hear from you.

+354 696 3867

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